Little Red Riding hood

Playboy Bunny


Patty Weisman


Little Red Riding Hood

This piece is homage to seven year old, Jorelys Rivera, the little girl who was abducted and murdered in Canton, Georgia in December 2011.

The child sits upon a horse with wolves below her. The horse is a spiritual symbol, and it is taking the deceased child to a safe haven. The wolves can no longer hurt the child. She is oblivious to the wolves, as all children should be allowed to be.

The card poises the question as to why a family would be encouraged to have so many children when they can not physically be there for them, as was the case with Jorelys.

Playboy Bunny

This creation tells the story of our culture's increasing sexualizing of girls at a young age. The female is taught from an early age to equate sexiness with popularity. The figure is not sexy and she is wearing an African mask instead of bunny ears. The bunnies at her feet are playing, and she is mocking the bunny world.

The card expresses the dehumanization of little girls in exchange for the almighty dollar.


Some day my prince will come, so little girls are often told. Unfortunately, not all men are princes.

The figure represents some of Disney's fairy tales.

The head represents the urban legend that surfaced a few years back that Walt had his head cryogenically frozen and thieves, unhappy with Disney Studio, stole it and left a ransom note.

The card has the ransom note and some added correlation to Disney.