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Joe Ruminski


Artist Joe Ruminski started turning at the age of 13. Over the past eight years, he has attended more than 70 seminars, studying with master craftsmen such as Ray Key, Mike Mahoney, Gary Sanders, Nick Cook and Bobby Clemons.

Having refined his techniques under these renowned turners, Joe now applies his knowledge and skills to creating imaginative art, practical forms and unique gift items. With impeccable standards, he has commercially produced over 800 natural edge bowls, utilitarian bowls, vases, Christmas tree ornaments and art pieces. His work appears in several prestigious places, including the Biltmore Estate and numerous galleries in Western North Carolina.

Joe Teaches at the Arrowmont School of Arts, John C Campbell Folk Art School. He has displayed his wares at National Woodturners Symposiums and worked with the youth program for the American Association of Woodturners for the past three years. His "Craft Corner" Performances have been featured on local television shows. He has also opened a classroom area in his own studio.

Joe is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, past president and Board Member of Carolina Mountain Woodturners and member of American Association of Woodturners.


Some things are made just to be pleasing to the eyes. Others are made to cause one to dream, wonder and maybe even question. For me working in wood is a wonderful combination of all these. There is a natural beauty in wood that can be exposed in different ways to show that beauty to others. In making the sculptural pieces my goal is to use line and form in a way that allows the viewer to use his or her imagination to create a description of the art. Utilitarian pieces show the natural beauty in the wood in a way that makes it both practical and a piece of art. The goal in these pieces is to keep the lines simple to accent the natural beauty in the wood.