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Pedro Gonzalez

Gonzalez was born in Mexico, and he currently lives in Marietta. He studied painting at the Goya Academy of Art in Mexico and printmaking at the Atelier Circulaire in Canada. In addition to creating his artworks, he has a career in graphic design. Gonzalez's works have been exhibited in Mexico (Mexico City and Oaxaca), in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), and in Atlanta.


My art work derives from an interest in alphabets, symbols and pictograms, their intended meanings, and their transition through time, many of which I am drawn to simply because of their beauty and design.

As such, my art deals with the universal experience of confronting an unknown language and the curiosity to decipher script or signs. And also to understand different codes of communication and the impact they have in life.

Also very influential in my work is the study of color vibrations and the way visual impressions are created: the combination of form, tonalities and texture that form many layers through which the work can be perceived.

I believe that the process for the creation of art is just as relevant as the final piece; that process must be present in the viewer's mind, body, emotions, and even instinct, in order to bring special attention to the moment of conception and production.